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Consultations –

Spiritual consultations help you connect deeply with spirit, get advice on your path, connect to departed loved ones and guides, and help move you through difficult phases of your life.   During these readings, the time is yours to explore questions for your own highest good.  I will assist in bringing forward messages for your healing and inspiration.  I highly recommend that you have a pen and pad of paper on hand to take notes; you may tape your reading if you wish.

Click on the links below to purchase a session.

15 minutes – $50

30 Minutes – $85

60 Minutes – $150

Email consultations

3 questions – $25

Scheduling and Payment – 

Please email me (indigolightconsulting@gmail.com) to schedule your appointment. All sessions are done over the phone or Skype, unless otherwise arranged.  Please render payment before the reading; your reading appointment may be forfeit unless payment is received at least 3 hours before your reading.  If you are a returning customer, you will notice that this section is new.  This is due to a large number of “no-call/no-show” clients.  My intention is to have a mutually respectful client/reader relationship.  Thanks for understanding!

Please visit my online store to purchase a session 


These parties are a fun way to connect with Spirit, and offer something new to the average get-together.  Parties are typically 10-15 people, and each person gets a private, 15 minute reading for $30. There is no cost to the host, and the host gets his or her reading for free! Please email me to arrange a time.

All services can be arranged via email at: indigolightconsulting@gmail.com


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