Lighten up!

One of the common themes of almost any reading I do comes from some variation of the following question: “How can I be more spiritual?”

I know that many of you will be surprised to hear this, but you’re probably already doing it.  Really.  Moving to a more spiritual existence means moving towards your highest joy and the highest expression of yourself.  So unless becoming a hermit and meditating on a mountain top for the next twenty-odd years is really the best You that You can be, you don’t need to.  Many people mistake reverence and seriousness with a spiritual experience, but it doesn’t always need to be that way.  In fact, I would argue that some of the most spiritual people don’t even know that they are spiritual.  They’re just having fun.  They’re just being them and moving to their highest joy.  That’s it!  That’s the big secret! Lighten up and just be you. That is all that God wants from you.  You are existing as a spiritual being by simply existing in joy.  Are you disappointed?  I hope not; I hope you’re ecstatic.

If you ever start to take things too seriously, ponder the following:

You, right now, are reading this and sitting on a gigantic ball of molten rock that is spinning wildly and whirling through the vacuum of space around another humungous ball of flaming gas all the while not getting smashed to smithereens by other bits of flying rocks and space junk.  That’s a miracle.  It really is.  Its also ridiculous.  The improbability and audacity of this experience should be enough to snap you out of that new age-y funk you probably find yourself in after reading too much Tolle  (whom I love, by the way, but come on, he can feel a little heavy).

So just be yourself, and leave the heavy lifting to Heavenly bodies.  You’re inner joy is as spiritual as you need to be.  I promise.

–love and light, heather.


Staying: Chapter 6 – Celeste



This chapter in “Staying” follows my first missing person’s case and lets us see the remarkable perseverance of the human soul.  The names have been changed and all pertinent personal information has been redacted to preserve both the integrity of the ongoing imvestigation and the family’s privacy.  I should also mention that I am NOT currently accepting any other such cases.  

Staying: Chapter 6 – Celeste

Nothing in my time as a psychic prepared me for the phone call I got one day from my mentor and colleague, Julie. Julie had been working on a missing person’s case and, after nearly nine months of work, she needed a fresh perspective on the case and its details. I had never worked on something with so much at stake and I was very worried that I would give the family some kind of false hope or steer them down the wrong path, at the very least and waste the time of law enforcement at the worst. Truly, the idea of helping Julie terrified me. But the family was desperate for answers and I was (somewhat) assuaged by the fact that Julie was already working with them. I agreed and Julie gave me the details.

In 2007, Celeste* disappeared from her home leaving behind her children and husband. For all intents and purposes, she vanished without a trace. By all accounts, Celeste was the perfect mother and devoted wife; her disappearance was entirely out of character. Her husband, Frank*, not surprisingly, was placed squarely at the top of the suspect list. Despite Frank’s prominence within the community, there was a laundry list of reasons he was their prime suspect, not the least of which was the fact that his previous wives had met accidental and untimely deaths. Celeste’s family was searching for any information that would lead to the conviction of her killer and the recovery of her remains. I was to be part of a team of three other psychic mediums who would combine energy to attempt to bring forward information that would provide closure to Celeste’s family.

Since this was new territory for me, I didn’t know what to expect. It turns I didn’t have to wonder for very long. A few days prior to our scheduled meeting, Celeste visited me in the middle of the night, waking me from a sound sleep. She began giving me information about her manner of death, where her body was and the individuals involved in her disappearance. The information she was giving me was profound and incredibly detailed. I struggled to keep up with her and frantically tried to write down everything she was showing me. The more I sat there, the more it dawned on me – I wasn’t asking for this information, she was actively communicating with me. I don’t really know why I was so surprised by this; spirits actively communicate with me all the time. But the fact that she was reaching out and seeking help in the apprehension of her killer struck me as poignant. Even in death, she realized that the injustice had not only been done to her, but to her children and her family. She was speaking out for them and to bring them closure. This was profound for me. Not only did this posthumous action speak to her character, but to the determination of the human soul and the possibility that even in death, we can still have a voice and be a force for justice.

I need to mention here that this is not an exact science. Since I am working to bring information forth from someone who has died, I can’t get more precise information other than what they tell me. This means that just because we die, we do not automatically get all the knowledge of the Universe. Celeste could give me details of where she was and what happened to her, but only from her perspective. As it turns out, her recollection was incredibly good and the information she gave me was verified by her family.

Several nights after our midnight conversation, I met with the rest of the group to begin our work together. I wasn’t too surprised to learn that Celeste had been visiting with the other members of the group, as well. This allowed us to corroborate our information with one another and also to deepen our connection to the details of the case. At that point there was no going back, and we were just as committed to justice as she was. As the evening wore on, we moved from Celeste’s experience to the experience of her killer and I found myself delving ever deeper into the psyche of the man who killed her, learning that this man was undoubtedly her husband. The details that began to emerge were grisly and I began to get the feeling that Celeste was not the only victim. In fact, the longer I spent inside Frank’s energy, the more victims I found. All told, there were five women whom he had slain during his grisly career. Frank wasn’t just a murderer, he was a serial killer. These first few victims were invisible, most likely prostitutes, but definitely murdered as a part of a sadistic game – Frank enjoyed the chase as much as the kill. He was also too egotistical to think he would ever get caught, which is why he also victimized his wives. After a few hours of walking around inside the mind of a serial killer, I was exhausted. The other members of the group weren’t doing much better; this had been truly taxing work. Our psychic think tank had been able to validate each others’ visions and could also independently corroborate the work that had been done previously by Julie.

Frank’s ego ultimately did him in. Women were disposable to him, including his wives. The longer he went without getting caught, the bolder he got and the more it reinforced his superiority complex. He thought he was too smart to get caught. But he did. His sadistic game was unearthed by law enforcement and he was eventually convicted in the death of one of his first victims.

Currently, there is not enough physical evidence to convict Frank in Celeste’s death. Unfortunately, all officials have to go on now is circumstantial evidence, but that case continues to build. It is my belief that Celeste’s body will soon be uncovered and her family will soon have closure. Until then, we will continue to work to bring justice to her and her family.

Staying, Chapter Five – Non-human Entities

Chapter Five of “Staying” continues along the vein of non-human entities outlining a few of my close encounters with things that go bump in the night. 
Happy Halloween, everyone…. Sleep tight.

Chapter 5 – Non-human Entities

From time to time I get called out to a client’s home either to do a reading or to pacify a ornery ghost. For those that are simply getting a reading, they will invariably, ask me, “is my house haunted?” And without fail, when I tell them that their home is fine, they look back at me with expressions tinged with both relief and disappointment.

I get it, though.

Haunted houses are all the rage these days thanks to the popularity of prime time tv shows. And though a ghost in the house forces one to confront one’s feelings about the unknown and the afterlife, it also makes for great dinner party conversation. I can’t tell you how many times bad plumbing and an over-active imagination manifest as paranormal activity after a few glasses of pinot grigio.

But for those clients who have a “visitor,” they are among the few who are living in a haunted home. For example, a few of my clients own a home located on a particularly active piece of land. The home itself serves as a respite for the living and the dead alike; it is a veritable oasis in the middle of a bustling suburban neighborhood. The spirits in this home are human, friendly, and generally non obtrusive. A similar home a few streets over, was a different story completely; they had some non-human entities running amok through their house.

There are a wide range of energetic spaces or levels that sentient entities can occupy on this plane.  Often these entities exist outside the range of our five senses, and we can typically co-habitate peacefully.  However, sometimes we can have negative encounters with these entities.  Remember, these are entities that occupy a lower vibrational and energetic states than humans, angels or guides.  As such, they seek out energy that they can feed on, which is their energetic vibration or better.  They prefer to attach to lower, baser energy (fear, hate, etc.), and in some cases incite these feelings in humans. That is, they will antagonize their human host into feeling fear or anger or hatred simply by their presence and for the purpose of generating a “food source.” To add to the trouble, low human energies attract even more non human entities. It is almost like setting out food for wild animals such as squirrels or birds. You will attract a few at first, and then more and more until you are overwhelmed. The simplest thing to do, seems obvious – stop feeding them. But if you can’t see what you’re up against, that is much easier said than done.

For my clients with the non-human entities, they had unique problem. These entities were traipsing through their home with apparent indifference to the chaos they were inciting. Furthermore, they would arrive and leave at random intervals, much like a band of unruly neighborhood children. Once, while I was there giving a reading, one of the entities made itself known. Since I was giving a reading within the home, I had sealed it energetically, allowing only loving and helpful energies and entities to enter the sacred space. During a reading, I summon very high energy, which shines like a beacon to other entities. Through the power of intention, the space is restricted to allow only spirit guides, angels and loved ones; lower vibrational entities can not gain access. So, when the neighborhood entities attempted to barge into their former stomping grounds, they got frustrated and began opening the garage doors on another part of the property. The scene reminded me of badly behaved children who were not getting their way.

Though it was rather humorous, I had a feeling that there was a larger problem at hand. For years, my clients had been world travelers, leaving their home open to friends and family alike to do whatever they pleased. Only recently had they decided to settle down, decorate the home and make it their own. The years of hospitality and generosity had an unintended consequence: it had left their home energetically open and vulnerable to any local entity that happened across the space. The fact that the home had a revolving door of houseguests who were easily spooked was just an added bonus. What my clients had not done was seal the home themselves. Think of this as a kind of paranormal security system. It sets clear boundaries that tell unwanted entities they are not welcome or tolerated in the space. For this couple, it was a fairly straightforward fix. They didn’t have an infestation, they just needed to batten down the hatches. Since I had already sealed the home, I suggested crystals at the entrance points to help keep negative energies, in general, at bay.

If you or a loved one is experiencing mild paranormal activity, you may want to consider the following list of suggestions to assist is flushing and keeping out unwanted entities.

Suggestions for Sealing a Space Against Unwanted Entities or Energies

  • Blessing or Cleansing – This is typically a religious rite that is done by a local priest or other clergy. Native American shamans also may provide this if they feel that the home is on sacred land or if sacred sites have been disturbed by the clients.
  • Burning Sage – Sage is used by Native Americans for cleansing a space, but it is widely available and highly effective for the average home owner. You can find sage in your local metaphysical bookstore or online. To cleanse your home (or other space) simply light the sage bundle and allow the smoke to permeate all the nooks and crannies of the home. Make sure you burn the sage in every room of the home, including bathrooms, closets, garages, attics and basements.
  • Crystals – Placing crystals at the entrance of your home can be a powerful tool. Crystals hold high amounts of energy, and when charged with sunlight or positive energy, they offer protection to a home.
  • Bells and Bowls – If you can’t tolerate the smoke from the sage, you may also use bells or crystal singing bowls. The high, clear sound from these instruments is of a high enough vibration as to be annoying to lower vibrational energies and healing for humans. I recommend Tibetan tingsha cymbals, Tibetan singing bowls or crystal singing bowls. These are wonderful tools for clearing a space and as an addition to your meditative practice.
  • Good, Old-fashioned Housecleaning – Physical clutter can breed energetic clutter, and allow for low energies to coagulate in a space. Employ a little diligence and maybe some Fung Shui, and you will find yourself raising your vibration, which will naturally offend unwanted entities. Make sure that when you are done physically clearing your space, you also clear it energetically using bells, crystals or sage.

Announcing Indigo Paths – Call-in Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio

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I am very pleased to announce Indigo Paths, a call-in radio show on Blog Talk Radio.  My first show today was fantastic, and the next show is scheduled for Friday, October 28th at 10am, PST.  If you can’t call in live, that’s ok.  You can email me and I will read some email questions on the air.  You can then go back and listen to the archived show.

Also, stay tuned for Chapter Five of my e-book “STAYING – When the Hereafter is Here on Earth.”  This latest chapter is all about non-human entities and what to do about them in your home.

Staying, Chapter 4 – Mary’s “Friend”

Staying – When the Hereafter is Here on Earth

And now we switch gears from human spirits to inhuman entities. In a way, this is a lesson is what happens when we inadvertently tempt unfriendly entities.  In some cases, it is a perfect storm of human emotion and fertile energetic spaces.  In other cases, we send out such low energy (depression, anger or fear) that these baser entities feed off it, and in some cases instigate more.  And sometimes a few of us are misguided and specifically seek out inhuman, even demonic, entities.  These scars can linger on a space or individual for decades or even generations.   

This is a story of a woman who, not knowing any better, invited an entity in then fed it for years.  In the end, neither myself or any other psychic or healer could help her.  Not for lack of trying, but because she had fostered a codependent relationship with the entity and they were both hopelessly entangled with one another.

Chapter Four – Mary’s “Friend”

One middle-of-the-night a few Septembers ago, I woke up in a cold sweat. The dream that had awoken me was uncommonly bad, featuring a serial killer chasing me and my friend Michael. I woke up with Michael’s words ringing in my ear: “Heather, I need your help.”

Imagine my surprise when I got a call first thing the next morning from, you guessed it, Michael. If you also guessed that he was calling to ask for my help, you’d be two-for-two. Michael, who is a very gifted energy worker and healer, had taken on a client who was convinced that she was being haunted by some insidious entity.  He needed me to come in to assess the situation and the entity so that he could figure out how to proceed.  I readily agreed, thinking what a kick-ass precognitive dream that must have been.

Ah, hubris.

I had barely hung up the phone, when a nasty, dense vapor began to seep through my front door.  This was the entity. I quickly began cobbling together every defensive energy trick I had ever learned in an effort to fend it off.  Luckily, whatever I did worked, but this was just the beginning and a warning: “Stay away.”   At that point, I began to suspect that there were some gaps in my psychic training.  I had recently begun flexing my newly-found psychic muscles and, unfortunately, I was about to get in over my head.

A few days later, I arrived with Michael at his client’s home.  Immediately, I knew that the “gaps” in my training were, in fact, chasms and that I was hopelessly out-matched.  There was a dense, oppressive feeling to the home, even walking up to the front door.  This was the entity’s home turf and power base; I was under-qualified to take on something so bad.  But, nevertheless, this woman was absolutely desperate and in obvious physical pain.  I was compelled to help her.  And help her, I tried.

On all accounts, I did everything right.  I rang sacred bells, I forced the entity from it’s comfort zone, I called down the Angels and I spoke with conviction.  I cleared the home and invited in the light. I even left the client feeling whole and resting comfortably after the session; or so I thought.  But I had forgotten one thing – I didn’t protect myself.  In the days that followed, I was completely bed-ridden.  It took five days of bed rest and the ministrations of my dear friend Kathleen to set me straight.  I had been attacked by the entity.

On my path to psychic development, I have learned from the best.  The women I have chosen as my teachers and mentors are some of the most talented and gifted psychics, mediums and energy workers I’ve ever had the privilege to know.  But for some reason, I had intentionally avoided talking about the “bad stuff”.  Sure it’s out there, but I never thought I needed to protect myself (again with the hubris).   Or maybe I just needed to learn the hard way.  In any case, sometimes a client doesn’t have the wherewithal to fend off unhelpful entities, or may have called something pernicious into their midst unintentionally. Or, as I suspect in Mary’s case, has some ongoing and complicated relationship with the entity.

Mary went on to hire the services of several more psychics and healers, but to my knowledge, none of them were able to make an appreciable impact on the situation.  At last count she was going through lightworkers like most people go through shampoo.  And this could have been part of the strategy.  When the entity couldn’t get what it needed from Mary, it would prompt her to call in others.  In other words, the entity used Mary as bait.  Indeed, this was an abusive relationship, but it was probably all either of them had.

But what was that thing?  I’ll never know for sure, but I do have a few theories – I’ll start with the basics.  First of all, there are many kinds of spirits around us.  The ones that we are the most familiar with are human spirits, who are the spirits of our ancestors.  These spirits will usually try to communicate with us much like a living person would.  They try to get our attention through speech, knocking on objects, moving objects or touching.  The more intense the communication, the more energy an entity must use.  Therefore, most (but not all) human spirits will attempt to communicate subtly.

Inhuman spirits, which are different than demonic spirits, do appear to have some level of intelligence to them.  They interact and attempt to communicate, but not in usually in an appropriate way.  They will occasionally do harm, either physically or energetically.  These are baser intelligences with whom we should not attempt communication.  Our human motives and their inhuman motives are not compatible.  I tend to think of inhuman entities as wild animals.  They tend to roam around, attracted to anything that catches their fancy.  Since they are without a corporeal body, they seem to subsist on energy.  As humans emit energy, occasionally an inhuman entity will attach itself to a human host, not unlike an energetic parasite.  This, of course, puts the human in an unfortunate position.  If an attachment grows to strong, the person will feel depleted, and may even fall ill.

Demonic spirits tend to be an entirely different ballgame.  They are intelligent, they communicate, they mimic, they take over and they work together.  This type of energy is the darkest and basest of all.  Once you let something like a demonic entity in, it will consume you and will not go quietly.  These entities tend to prey upon the weak and unsuspecting.  They will also gain access to their victims through seemingly benign means such as Ouija boards or spirit board.  This is why you hear so many paranormal investigators tell clients not to use them.

So what was Mary’s “friend?”  I believe that Mary was dealing with an inhuman entity.  When I marched in with all my psychic self-righteousness, the entity did not attempt to communicate with me.  In fact it hid from me until I was in a vulnerable position, and then it attacked – like a wild animal.  What is perhaps the most interesting and noteworthy about this case is Mary’s relationship with the entity.  It appears, from my observations of her behavior, that she had entered into a codependent relationship with the entity.

Staying, Chapter 3 – Emma’s House

Staying – When the Hereafter is Here on Earth

In this third chapter, I continue the theme of living peacefully with watchful spirits.

Chapter Three – Emma’s House

The commitment to a place after death isn’t restricted to sacred grounds.  Sometimes the connection is more personal.  These are cases where we typically see a more “traditional” haunted environment.  Haunted houses, churches, even barns are occasionally still occupied by long-dead former occupants.  And often times, when these tenants are still around it’s not because the endured some devastating trauma, but because they enjoyed the place where they lived or worked.

At another work assignment, my office was in an old, converted farm house.  If you’re getting the idea that many of my offices have been occupied by unseen friends, you’d be correct.  Many public properties, specifically historical locations that have been entrusted to a municipality after the owner’s death and then pressed into service, have a long history and many previous occupants.  This is true of the farm house and also my office.

Almost from my first day at the farm, I had been inundated with tales about how old Emma was still keeping an eye on her beloved farmlands and childhood home.  When Emma was alive, having no heir to whom to leave the farm, she deeded it the City to turn into a teaching farm and park.  For the most part, the City accommodated her requests.  On the rare occasion some misguided public servant attempted to host, say, a carnival on the old farm’s grounds, the event was met with nothing but calamity and misfortune.  Or so the rumors say.

But I was new on the farm, and just trying to fit in, so I listened to all manner of urban legend.  After a few weeks, I had heard just about every fable associated with the property.  This included the stories the neighborhood kids told about zombies in the basement (which we occasionally reinforced just for fun).  I was prepared to write it all off.  But one night after locking up the park, my partner, Wes, and I were preparing to leave for the night.  I had gone up to the attic, where the staff lockers were housed, to doff my gear and change to go home.  When I had changed, I turned off the lights, shut the attic door and set the security before deadbolting the front door. Now, I remember this sequence of events because, like I said, I was new. I didn’t want to disrupt the social structure of this close-knit work group through a seeming act of carelessness.  I was halfway to my car when I realized I had left my cell phone in my locker.  Cursing my forgetfulness, I ran back, unlocked the door and disarmed the security system.  I had gotten two steps up the staircase when my gaze shifted to my intended destination, the attic door at the top of the landing.  At this point, I froze.  The attic door was open, and the light was on.

At this stage in my psychic development, I hadn’t opened up fully, so I regarded the paranormal with a certain amount of fear.  So the sight of that door stopped me in my tracks.  I had no rational, logical or scientific explanation as to why the attic door was open or the light was on, except for maybe the cat.  And he was outside.  Also, he can’t reach the light switch, let alone actually need it.  At that moment I had never not wanted my cell phone more.  But since I was meeting friends later, and needed it, I took a deep breath and ran up the stairs.  I grabbed my phone and secured the building in record time.  I was frazzled by the time I reached the parking lot, where Wes was waiting for me.  I attempted to relay my experience to Wes as he attempted to not roll his eyes.

As the years went on, I heard more tales of Emma’s ghost.  Some of these were fabrications of over-active imaginations, but there were some that were very hard to dismiss.  One morning I arrived at the park to discover that my maintenance staff looked like a herd of spooked cattle.  Reticently, they described the events of the morning.  Apparently, during their morning routine, they entered the farmhouse and walked upstairs to retrieve their gear.  As soon as they were upstairs, all of the doors on the ground floor began to open and slam shut simultaneously.  At 6 a.m., the two of them were the only ones in the house, not to mention the park.  There remains no logical explanation to the events of that morning.

Now, do I think that Emma’s ghost is malevolent – no.  I just think that she was trying to get our attention.  Like the Shaman in the last chapter, she wanted to make sure that her space was preserved and that we knew she was still around to oversee the daily goings-on.  Living with Emma’s ghost was an easy and entertaining experience, far from the provocative melodrama that we encounter on television.  And that is the take-away message from this chapter.  Having a spirit living in your office, house, attic or barn doesn’t need to provoke fear and uncertainty.  It can be a pleasant experience, especially if you have the same agenda.