The Pitfalls of Planning

I really love trying to find lessons and synchronicities in everyday life.  Even the most seemingly uncomfortable and irritating situation can lead to learning experiences and epiphanies – in fact, they are the most fertile ground.  And I can think of nothing more irritating and uncomfortable than a bad date.  I’ve had a few, but a few weeks ago, I came home from the worst one on record, plopped down on the couch and laughed and laughed.  Here’s how it went: After arriving late, he proceeded to launch into a diatribe about how he hates his parents, why he won’t admit that his own brother is gay, and that he lived with his mother until his late 30s.  All red flags, really.  But even before the appetizers arrived, he had started planning out our lives together.  Everything from what we would do the next weekend, to where we would have dinner the next night, how long we were going to date before we got married, where we would live and when we would retire.  By the time the check arrived, he had decided that I would likely need to give up my cats since he was allergic.  Whoa.  Seriously?  So I did what any self-respecting girl would do: I ran for it.

In the calm and sanity of my cat-infested living room, I debriefed.  Why was planning so patently ludicrous and down-right frightening to me?  Well, probably because I don’t really do it.  Planning out every nuance is exhausting and completely unnecessary.  That’s not say I don’t have goals; I do – lots of them.  But I can’t plan the minutiae of how they will manifest.  I can only work hard, follow my passions and live in the moment trusting that the future will be absolutely perfect.  Sometimes I get a little uptight about what’s coming, especially when it’s an outcome or a relationship that I’m particularly interested in.  But if I waste time obsessing over every single “what-if” then I’ll have missed the whole point.  And the point is that we enjoy the ride on the way to the outcome; it makes it that much sweeter to see how the Universe has plotted and planned to work for you, instead of you working against it.  It’s exactly the same thing as being “in the flow.”  I sometimes need to remind myself of all the things that I tell my clients which is this: I could never in a million years have planned the life I have now.  It is perfect and amazing and full of love and laughter.  So if I couldn’t have even planned this, what on Earth makes me think that I have any idea about how to plan what’s coming next?  It’s impossible.  I must simply allow myself to move through space in my own time all the while following my heart.  That may sound silly, but its worked for me so far, and I’ve never been happier.  In fact, I’d like to think that this process has allowed me to co-create my own miracles.  And that’s just amazing.

Love and light,



Lighten up!

One of the common themes of almost any reading I do comes from some variation of the following question: “How can I be more spiritual?”

I know that many of you will be surprised to hear this, but you’re probably already doing it.  Really.  Moving to a more spiritual existence means moving towards your highest joy and the highest expression of yourself.  So unless becoming a hermit and meditating on a mountain top for the next twenty-odd years is really the best You that You can be, you don’t need to.  Many people mistake reverence and seriousness with a spiritual experience, but it doesn’t always need to be that way.  In fact, I would argue that some of the most spiritual people don’t even know that they are spiritual.  They’re just having fun.  They’re just being them and moving to their highest joy.  That’s it!  That’s the big secret! Lighten up and just be you. That is all that God wants from you.  You are existing as a spiritual being by simply existing in joy.  Are you disappointed?  I hope not; I hope you’re ecstatic.

If you ever start to take things too seriously, ponder the following:

You, right now, are reading this and sitting on a gigantic ball of molten rock that is spinning wildly and whirling through the vacuum of space around another humungous ball of flaming gas all the while not getting smashed to smithereens by other bits of flying rocks and space junk.  That’s a miracle.  It really is.  Its also ridiculous.  The improbability and audacity of this experience should be enough to snap you out of that new age-y funk you probably find yourself in after reading too much Tolle  (whom I love, by the way, but come on, he can feel a little heavy).

So just be yourself, and leave the heavy lifting to Heavenly bodies.  You’re inner joy is as spiritual as you need to be.  I promise.

–love and light, heather.

Message from the Angelic Realm – An 11/11/11 Activation


This morning, I was awakened very early by my phone ringing incessantly.  It was my boyfriend, Jeff.  He had heard from someone at work that there was a fire in our apartment building and was frantically trying to make sure that I wasn’t sleeping through some kind of catastrophe.  Indeed, all I could hear was the peal of emergency sirens outside of my bedroom window.  After some frantic investigation, we learned that the fire was in an adjacent, and thankfully unoccupied, building.  I hung up the phone and made to flip on the morning news, when the Angelic Realm chimed in.  “We would like to speak,” They said.  “Can I get some coffee first?” I answered.  Since the Angelic Realm is compassionate (and has a wicked sense of humor, what with all the sirens), I got caffeinated and then got a pen.  This was going to be big.  And indeed, it is.  Here is the transcript of Their message.

The Cycle is almost complete; your energetic framework is nearly done.  Just as a house needs a frame before it can become a home, so too does this new energetic space.  But you are building quickly and rising exponentially.  Do not feel discouraged if you think you sense struggle.  Remember the sense of the struggle creates the struggle itself.  Relax into this new reality.  You are fulfilling your Earthly contract simply by being here.  Like the caterpillar in the chrysalis, you’re time has almost come to spread your wings and enter the New Earth, the New Home, the New Energy, the New You.  Delight and revel in this change and transformation, for you are magnificent and reaching ever higher.

“We must tell those of you who are eager to know, that the energetic lattice work of the New Earth is crystalline in structure and magnetic in nature.  This structure resembles Metatron’s Tree of Life, and indeed he is one of the architects imparting new information to be unlocked in the upcoming age.

“The New Age will be a Golden Age for all life.  There will be three stages, 1. The Era of Healing, 2. The Era of Re-education, 3. The Era of Discovery/Exploration.  We cannot tell you how long each era will last.  This is up to the collective Human consciousness.  You will improvise on the script.

“Please be assured that you are entering an age of Miracles and you are safe and secure.  You are loved and honored and revered.

“Namaste, dear ones.”

Spiritual Readings with Indigo Light Consulting 11/09 by HeatherIndigoLight | Blog Talk Radio

Spiritual Readings with Indigo Light Consulting 11/09 by HeatherIndigoLight | Blog Talk Radio.

Lots and lots from the Angelic Realm today in preparation for 11/11/11! If you can’t join in, I’ll transcribe the information later on today!