Mu Returns

Mu has been conspicuously absent in my spiritual life until very recently.  I saw him at the edge of my consciousness when I meditated.  I felt him shepherd me from afar.  I knew he was there.  But he had been distant.  At first I felt abandoned; why has my teacher left me?  Why has he made me fight through these trials alone and unsupported?  Pretty childish attitude, isn’t it?  And in a way I was very much the wounded child.  I was suffering through the sudden loss of my mother, which forced me to relive my entire ontogeny, from infancy to adulthood.  I literally needed to relearn aspects of myself in a new motherless context, as I am now a “motherless child.”  This sounds far more grave than it really is.  In many ways, the loss of a parent is the final act of growing up.  This final act, I was not prepared to face, though, and I flailed around for the better part of  month trying to find the horizon and claim a new normalcy for my life.  This was a path and an experience I had to walk alone.  I know that now.  And in that understanding, Mu has returned, rather smugly, to lead me (and you) down a lighted path.  Thank you, Mu.

Mu Returns


You are experiencing expansion and a shift in consciousness. As you allow your perspective to broaden, the mechanisms of existence will at once become clear and fall away  to allow your being to experience the actions of love more fully.  As you broaden your consciousness, your capacity to express love and inner joy (the inner you) also expands. Allow this inner light and love to breathe. This is the most natural expression of yourself. Embrace any fear you feel at this time. These are only the expressions of an old energy and thought pattern that cling to your consciousness like tar. Shine your positive intention on these dark spaces. More fully into self-expression.

Do not intellectualize, judge or categorize this process. It is like no other; just as you are like no other. Experience the freedom of your uniqueness, experience the joy. I love you dear ones. Know that our souls are not strangers.


Stand in Your Own Power


This morning’s radio show was all about what it means to stand in your own power, and more specifically not allowing someone to take it away from you.  So many times we give our power and autonomy over to individuals who are not deserving of it.  We even do this for situations that may be entirely imaginary (“If I do ____, my family/friends/colleagues will____”).  Don’t be afraid to be authentic – it is the most natural expression of You.  When we expend our energy (or power) in covering up who we are, there is less energy (or power) to devote to living the divine expression of ourselves.  Just being yourself should be effortless; expressing your true self is where you use the energy.  But the best part is that this energy builds and builds.  Every time you choose to be You, you feed the energy back into Yourself, each time becoming more present and more powerful.  It is a positive feedback loop and the ultimate renewable energy source.  To hear more click here or on the link below.

Have a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving!  See you all on Monday, 11/27 for an all new radio show.

PS – You get bonus points if you get the totally nerdy 80’s reference in the photo above.

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My “Aha” Moment and Jim Carrey

Aha moments come in all shapes and sizes.  They can be a tiny spark of imagination or they can be earth-shattering epiphanies.  I would say that my recent Aha moment fell somewhere toward the latter part of the spectrum.

The other day I was multitasking my way through my to-do list with the TV in the background intent on keeping one ear open for Oprah’s Lifeclass.  I know that some of you may have stopped reading right there and began rolling your eyes.  Well, knock it off.  It’s a great show.

Anyway, this particular episode, “Lesson Three: You Become What You Believe,” featured several celebrities who have followed their belief in themselves because they knew that, above everything, they were meant to succeed in their chosen field.  One of these people is Jim Carrey.  During the show he talked about an innate sense of inner knowing about his future success.  He speaks about it in terms of visualization, but I believe its much bigger than that.  It was divine guidance (inner knowing) combined with  his willingness to follow it and trust it that allowed him to gain success.  He had the dream, he saw it and he followed his gut (aka divine guidance/inner knowing) to take the steps to get him where he needed to go.

And here’s the Aha moment; he said, “You can’t just visualize it and then go eat a sandwich.”  This is the difference between Jim Carrey and people who have not successfully employed their favorite self-help (read: law of attraction) teachings.  Once you have that vision, you have to act on it from a place of divine inspiration.

Very successful contemporary books and movies will have the average person believe that they can simply sit down for an hour every day and think about how they can become millionaires and then POOF, they’re rich.  Yes, the Universe wants you to have everything you desire and more, but it doesn’t work like that.

Why? Here’s why:

1.  The ego gets in the way during visualization

No, seriously.  It does.  When all you do is sit and visualize the life you want, you often pull those desires from a place of ego, meaning superficial.  In order to get the ego out of the way, you need to think about what it would mean to you to have the life you want (my own lifecoach, Susan Hamilton, asks me this all the time). It could mean security, freedom, financial stability or health.  Think about what having the life you want would actually mean to you.  When you do this, it comes from a place of divine inspiration.  You’re thinking about things that make you excited, you’re igniting your passion, you’re following your bliss.  The inspiration to take the next step (e.g., get off the couch and stop eating that sandwich) will naturally come from there.

2.  Visualization is extremely limited

Think about this for a second – how many times have you heard someone who appears to be very fortunate proclaim, “This is beyond my wildest dreams?”  I know I’ve lost count.  If these people had limited their desires to just what they could imagine in that limited moment from a limited perspective, they would have gotten a limited outcome.  Visualization engages the human mind (the ego mind) and tends to neglect the presence of things like miracles or things that it has not already experienced (which, are often miracles).  It also prevents us from focusing on our inner excitement.  Inner excitement is just a hyper version of intuition.  Following that excitement means that you’re following your intuition (remember: divine guidance).  Following that intuition will lead you down the path of success and enable you to find you’re life’s work or life’s passion.

3. Visualization causes you to focus only on the ending

During Lesson Three of Oprah’s Lifeclass, Jim Carrey also said that he wrote himself a $10 million check and post-dated it three years.  In three year’s time, he found out that he was going the be making $10 million on his next movie.  This is an amazing story, and I’m sure that a lot of people watching that show got out their checkbooks and did the very same thing.  But here’s what I think is really going on.  Jim Carrey didn’t put that check in his wallet and pine over it for three years wondering when he could cash it.  He did the very thing that was going to be making him the $10 million because, really, it wasn’t simply about the money.  Having that money meant he was a successful actor and that he was living his true passion and the highest expression of himself.  The money was simply symbolic of that passion and that success.  He wasn’t focused on the endgame, which was the check.  He was focused on getting up everyday and working at his craft because he knew innately that that was what he was meant to do.

So what does all of this mean?  It means you need to stop simply visualizing a way to make the Universe bend to your will.  Don’t visualize yourself being a successful writer and then never write.  Don’t visualized that recording contract and then never sing.  First, think about, and I mean REALLY think about, what having the life you want will mean.  Will it mean that you are stable, healthy, famous or an astronaut, singer, actor or writer?  What will it MEAN to you?  Once you get clear on what it means to you, you will get clear on what you NEED to do.  You will get inspired to move in one way or another.  Trust that.  You will be building faith in yourself and faith in the ability to manifest the things in your life that are truly meaningful to you.

Love and Light,