Mu Returns

Mu has been conspicuously absent in my spiritual life until very recently.  I saw him at the edge of my consciousness when I meditated.  I felt him shepherd me from afar.  I knew he was there.  But he had been distant.  At first I felt abandoned; why has my teacher left me?  Why has he made me fight through these trials alone and unsupported?  Pretty childish attitude, isn’t it?  And in a way I was very much the wounded child.  I was suffering through the sudden loss of my mother, which forced me to relive my entire ontogeny, from infancy to adulthood.  I literally needed to relearn aspects of myself in a new motherless context, as I am now a “motherless child.”  This sounds far more grave than it really is.  In many ways, the loss of a parent is the final act of growing up.  This final act, I was not prepared to face, though, and I flailed around for the better part of  month trying to find the horizon and claim a new normalcy for my life.  This was a path and an experience I had to walk alone.  I know that now.  And in that understanding, Mu has returned, rather smugly, to lead me (and you) down a lighted path.  Thank you, Mu.

Mu Returns


You are experiencing expansion and a shift in consciousness. As you allow your perspective to broaden, the mechanisms of existence will at once become clear and fall away  to allow your being to experience the actions of love more fully.  As you broaden your consciousness, your capacity to express love and inner joy (the inner you) also expands. Allow this inner light and love to breathe. This is the most natural expression of yourself. Embrace any fear you feel at this time. These are only the expressions of an old energy and thought pattern that cling to your consciousness like tar. Shine your positive intention on these dark spaces. More fully into self-expression.

Do not intellectualize, judge or categorize this process. It is like no other; just as you are like no other. Experience the freedom of your uniqueness, experience the joy. I love you dear ones. Know that our souls are not strangers.


Lighten up!

One of the common themes of almost any reading I do comes from some variation of the following question: “How can I be more spiritual?”

I know that many of you will be surprised to hear this, but you’re probably already doing it.  Really.  Moving to a more spiritual existence means moving towards your highest joy and the highest expression of yourself.  So unless becoming a hermit and meditating on a mountain top for the next twenty-odd years is really the best You that You can be, you don’t need to.  Many people mistake reverence and seriousness with a spiritual experience, but it doesn’t always need to be that way.  In fact, I would argue that some of the most spiritual people don’t even know that they are spiritual.  They’re just having fun.  They’re just being them and moving to their highest joy.  That’s it!  That’s the big secret! Lighten up and just be you. That is all that God wants from you.  You are existing as a spiritual being by simply existing in joy.  Are you disappointed?  I hope not; I hope you’re ecstatic.

If you ever start to take things too seriously, ponder the following:

You, right now, are reading this and sitting on a gigantic ball of molten rock that is spinning wildly and whirling through the vacuum of space around another humungous ball of flaming gas all the while not getting smashed to smithereens by other bits of flying rocks and space junk.  That’s a miracle.  It really is.  Its also ridiculous.  The improbability and audacity of this experience should be enough to snap you out of that new age-y funk you probably find yourself in after reading too much Tolle  (whom I love, by the way, but come on, he can feel a little heavy).

So just be yourself, and leave the heavy lifting to Heavenly bodies.  You’re inner joy is as spiritual as you need to be.  I promise.

–love and light, heather.