The Teachings of Mu – Rewriting Your Soul Contract

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Mu has been particularly loquacious of late.  I feel him constantly checking in with me to see if I’m prepared to write down what he has to say.  He has a plethora of topics he thinks we need to hear; fortunately he’s patient with me.  Pushy, but patient – its not an oxymoron, I promise. I suppose time is of  the essence these days.

This latest transmission actually began last night, as I sat through a lovely Soul Tones concert and garden party.  As Chuck and Kathleen played  their crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls and channeled all manner of celestial consciousness, I fell into a trance and, as playful as ever, there was Mu.  We had some work to do.  He started by summoning my guides and angels.  When we had a heavenly quorum, he instructed my to call forth my soul contract.  Not really in a position to question or say no, I did as he instructed.  My contact appeared before me in the form of a scroll.  As my angels held it, I began to read.  I read about how I had contracted with the Universe to experience life and lessons and why I had made such a choice.  I saw my belief patterns and assumptions in stunning clarity.  I also saw the work I needed to do while on Earth.  After examining each item objectively, Mu asked if these items served me and my higher good.  I was shocked to discover that, no, almost none of them did.  From there, we did some heavy editorial work (Infinite beings as editors?  Sure, why not?).  When we were done, Mu asked the Angels and my Guides to ratify this new contract.  Then, Mu placed my new soul contract in the hall of the Akashic Records, where every event that has ever taken place in the Universe has been recorded. 

This event demonstrates two things – first, that we have free will and second, we have the power to change how we interact with the universe AND how it interacts with us.  We do not have to live by default.  We do not need to let things just happen to us.  We get to choose. 

And with that, I will translate for Mu:

Greetings, my beloved Earth beings!  I am grateful for this opportunity to share this transmission with you, for you are truly honored souls.  Today, we would like to share with you the idea of the soul contract.  Now, you all have them.  Some of you created the contract before you were born, some after.  For some the contract still serves, for others it does not.  Do not fret, for this contract is not binding.  It is simply a plan that you have decided on based on the lessons you wish to learn.  This being translating for me has come to rewrite her contract – not because there was anything wrong with it, but because she had outgrown it.

A contract can be many things, beloveds, but most often it refers to habits and beliefs that you subscribe to.  Sometimes these habits and beliefs no longer serve you and may be hampering your life.  Most often if they no longer serve, they are merely no longer useful.  How do you know?  This is easy.  I want you to do the following:

  • Sit in a quiet place with focused intent (Does this sound like meditating?  Good! It is!)
  • Call upon your guides or Angels or even us
  • Call forth your soul contract.  Allow it to appear however you wish
  • Have your guides or angels hold the contract while you read what it says.  Does the contract serve you?
  • If yes – thank your guides and allow your contract to be placed back in the Akashic Records (for this is where all soul contracts resign)
  • If no – ask your angels and guides to destroy your old contract and draw up a new one.  Does this new contract serve your highest good?  If so, thank your angels and guides and allow the contract to be placed in the Akashic Records

This is a powerful tool to use in manifestation of your life purpose, for whenever something comes along that does not serve you, you can simply say, “Sorry! That is not in my contract!” like the celestial celebrity you are.

This is an important exercise to conduct, especially in the next nine months.  You have already felt yourselves transforming rapidly, and the pace will only increase.  This is exactly the time where you will want to examine your old belief systems and shift into a new expression of possibility.  For example, do you think you can only get what you want through arduous, exhausting work?  Sure, hard work is useful, but if you are exhausted, what good has it serves? None, my beloveds, none.  You have the option of manifesting things effortlessly and learning your lessons through abundance instead of lack.  The difference is nothing but a shift in your consciousness through a rewriting of your soul contract.

Remember, these rewrites should always be done with the purest of intent and for your own highest good.  Allow yourself to express whatever that is.  You are not incarnated to Earth to live for others, only yourself.  This is not to say you cannot collaborate with other beings, but remember that you each have your own purpose on this Earth and in this life.

And with that, we will end this transmission.  Remember, my beloveds, that we love you and that our souls are not strangers, but dwell together in love and light.

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The Teachings of Mu – Boost Your Energetic Experience

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In this latest transmission from Mu, he offers advice on how to keep your energy up during these trying times of energetic, physical, emotional and global change.  This is not new advice, but you should find it calming and helpful nonetheless.  I know I did.

Greetings beloved Earth Beings, I am Mu of Infinite Service.  Today, we the Collective, feel you need a boost.  You need to prepare yourselves energetically and physically for what is to come.  This has been a long and transformative road for some (or shall we say MOST) of you.  We are almost done with our energetic shift.  In fact, some of you have made it already and and are beckoning on the other side for the rest to join you.  You, who are already there, are like spiritual cheerleaders for the rest.  But, if you are not there yet, or are feeling the strain, that is ok.  We are here to help.  We ARE at your Infinite Service, after all.

The first thing on your to-do list is meditation.  Oh beloveds, we tell you often – meditate, Meditate, MEDITATE!  There.  We said it three times, now go do!  Why is this so important?  Because it centers your energy, it aligns you to the divine and makes you more open to hearing from your higher self and spiritual guidance.  Remember that guidebook?  This is how you read it – Meditate.

Ok, now, take care of your physical vessel, or more to the point, your physical body.  Physical ailments can cloud the spiritual body, as well.  Feed your physical body the things that it craves for its highest good (and we do not mean junk food, dear ones).  Eat the foods that feel best.  For many, this is whole food (vegetables, fruit, clean meat).  Do what feels right and from a place of honor.

Also from a place of honor, move your body!  For many of you, this means exercise.  But do things that move your heart faster.  The vibrations of an energized heart energize your mind and, therefore, your spirit.

All of this adds up to taking care of you.  Make sure you are honoring yourself physically and spiritually, and honor the whole.  By doing so, you will find this energetic shift to be much easier and more pleasant.  You will find a certain degree of expansion in your daily lives, and many of you will find this welcome and helpful.

That is all for this transmission, my dear ones.  As you continue to honor yourself and the divine (and truly these are one and the same), know that our souls are not strangers and we dwell in a place of love and light.
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