To Trust and Let Go

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This is a classic case of not practicing what I preach.  I tell my clients everyday to trust the Universe and let go of ego.  But when faced with my own uncertainty and personal tribulations, I immediately went into panic mode.  I tried to micromanage every aspect of my “crisis,” meticulously plotting my next steps and how things should end up if I did X, Y and Z.  And then I realized something.  None of the “plans” I was making actually resonated with me.  I was planning just to plan, and my head was spinning.  When I actually got quiet, I realized that these “plans” that I was working on, while logical and thorough, weren’t plans for me.

The Universe has another plan for me.

And I have no idea what that is.

But you know what, it doesn’t matter.  At the time when you feel the most out of control is the time when the Universe is the most IN control.  So stop trying to micromanage how you’re going to get from Point A to Point B.  If you trust and allow miracles to happen, you might find that you skip over Point B altogether and head straight to Point M.  Your ONLY job is to trust, and to follow directions.  If you can trust the cues that Universe gives you (also called your intuition – Yes! You have that!), and follow those, its like a road map to your destiny.  Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?

As my good friend Eileen told me, “If it doesn’t turn out how you wanted it, that usually means that it’s going to turn out better.”  Yes.  I quite like the sound of that.


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The Teachings of Mu: Love and compassion

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The following message from Mu is one of love and compassion. He also gives us hope and healing in a gentle, loving way. This is a short missive, but resonates in a kind and gentle way.


Greetings, beloved Earth Beings.  I am* Mu, at your infinite service .  There has been some time that has elapsed since our last communication with you through this Earth Being.  Much has happened on your planet.  This is a frightening time of change.  As we have mentioned before, this is a time when old patterns of bad integrity fall away.  Deceitful practices come to the surface much more quickly.  Old patterns that do not serve the dear humans of this planet are exposed, and you humans who recognize the disservice they cause enact change.  We want you to know that the need to change is directly proportional to the means by which your attention was drawn.  For example, we use the catastrophes in Haiti, Chile and Japan.  In these cases, thousands of spirits raised their hands and said, “I will sacrifice myself so that the world may learn.”  What an amazing act of compassion! And in turn, isn’t it fitting that we return their compassion in kind?  Aid an oppressed people, change the means by which you obtain energy, educate yourself about greater global change.   Together, you will shine the light of your intention and integrity on the dark spaces of your Earth and raise your collective consciousness.  And you are doing it quickly.  With your technology and collected intellect, the Universe can scarcely contain you.

We are so pleased with the progress on your planet and we are equally pleased to serve you.  It gives us tremendous honor to stand in you presence, you who co-create and teach us so much.  Yes!  You!  There is no spiritual hierarchy just because we are not visible to you.  There are many of you who have “walked” in our realm and chosen to incarnate onto your world to hold it in love and light.  It is love that is the purest of all human emotions, and with love there can be no darkness.  So you say, “Love and Light.”  You share your purity of heart and light the darkness.  What a beautiful bunch of beings you are indeed!

And this is our brief message to you on this glorious day on your Earth.  As we part, please know that our souls dwell together and that we are not strangers.  And so I bid you, “love and light.”

Love and light, indeed.

*Here, and at the end of this communique, Mu uses the singular and not the plural when he refers to himself.  I believe that he occasionally speaks solely for himself, while he communicates the larger messages on behalf of the larger collective.